Real American Hardwood™ is a material that has meaning. That has history. That is unique down to its very cells. It’s beautiful, warm and one of a kind. It’s the most beautiful building product out there, the one that other imitation products strive to be. It pulls everything together just by being itself. It’s simple in its ingredients and it’s strong and durable at its core. It’s a powerful display of the wonder of nature. Hardwood is pure—grown with purpose and naturally renewing. Hardwood is authentic, without even having to try. It’s just built that way, naturally.



• Hardwood is versatile. Its authentic feel elevates any design style.

• Hardwood is as authentic as you.

• It’s the best, and most natural way to be authentic to yourself because it’s versatile and can fit any style and any finish.

• Hardwood can adapt with you as your tastes grow and change, helping you stay authentic.

• It’s flexible, it fits almost any form, every style, every finish, every build.


• Hardwood is naturally durable and endlessly versatile. It’s able to be refinished decades down the line.

• Hardwood is revivable and can be brought back to its original splendor. And that’s only possible because it’s a natural product.

• Being authentic means being in it for the long haul—just like you, just like hardwood.


• Hardwood has longevity other products can’t match. It lasts, and can be renewed, so it’s an investment that has years and years of life over any other option.

• Hardwood delivers real value today and tomorrow.


• Buying hardwoods is an easy investment in the health of your family and the environment.

• You want the best for your family and surrounding, and hardwood helps you nurture them with pure, natural products that don’t bring unwanted chemicals into your home.

• Hardwood is so many things, and so few ingredients—giving you confidence that you are taking care of your family.


• Protecting our environment comes naturally to hardwoods.

• Hardwoods are naturally renewable and give back to the environment while it grows.

• By buying hardwoods we are investing in a natural product that is pure and simple, and made by nature. No better natural investment than that.

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